Leongatha Driving School can help you move from Victorian L plates to P plates

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lessons should I have?

There is no easy answer to this question. Come and have an evaluation with Greg and he can advise you on how many lessons you might need to become proficient enough to attempt your licence. If you are planning on doing your licence in the Driving School Car, then please have a lesson with Greg before you book your licence test to make sure you are ready.

Manual or Automatic - which should I choose?

It really doesn't matter - but make your decision early. If you are planning to take your test in a manual, then it is best to have clocked up most of your 120 hours in a manual car. The skills you need to manage a manual under test conditions can't be attained in just a few lessons. You need plenty of time to adjust to driving with a clutch and gears. If you take your test in an automatic, you are only prohibited from driving a manual until you are off your P's and have a full licence.

When should I book in for my licence test?

VicRoads in Leongatha is often booked up for months in advance, so you need to make a booking with them up to two months prior. Make sure that you have completed your 120 hours driving before you book.

Can I do my licence test in the driving school car?

Yes you can. Ring Greg now and ask him how.